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Scott Spino started paving at the age of 16 while still in school for a local paving company.
Years later Scott decided to start his own operation. He has always been a hard worker and very determined to get the jobs done right, and in a timely manner.

His saying is “BY THE HANDS” because he was taught that by using your hands more than machines to do the work, your jobs will come out better.

As years have gone by the business has increased in employees and equipment.


This all happened because Scott is so devoted to his jobs, equipment,employees, and most of all his customers. 

He is also always there at the job sites from start to finish and is always seen working in the field with his employees. 
He works with his guys to over see and make sure all jobs get done to his and the customers satisfaction.

You don’t see many bosses out there with their guys working from start to finish, and sweating, but you will see Scott working on every the job.

And when the jobs are done for the day you will see Scott at the shop with his employees working, cleaning, and maintaining the equipment.

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