The appearance of your parking lot or driveway is one of the first impressions that you, as the property owner, make on your family, friends, and clients. 

We all know that a New "Asphalt or Seal Coated Parking lot" stands out even when driving by. 

But when it's your Business that stands out, you need a clean, well-maintained parking lot that shows your client that someone cares! 

And when it's your home you want to show the neighborhood you care about your property too! 

Help your family, friends, and customers feel confident and safe when they park on your property. 

At Spino's Paving LLC we offer that High Quality and Service to you.

So if you are looking for an expert in asphalt paving, then you have come to the right place. 

Our professional crewmembers are longtime employees delivering you high quality performance in order to guarantee your satisfaction.


If a company is half our price, you may be getting half the job. 

We offer competitive pricing for doing the job right

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        Residential and Commercial / Driveways and Parking Lots

We have the equipment and the knowledge that makes us a leader in asphalt technology. Our job is to protect your investment one project at a time.

We also spend more time prepping and preparing your asphalt surface, prior to repairs and when the job is complete.

Our company lays down more material in a single application than most companies do in two coats.



We also spend more time and money servicing our equipment so that it can give you the best possible outcome.

Some companies don't care, do not have the knowledge, or do not want to take the time to do this work properly. 

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